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2024   Chrysanthemum Cutting Sale
thousands of cuttings with representative pictures
of expected FALL blooms 
along with growing information


each month, CCCS will show a drawing, an explanation of classification, an in-color example 
June     choice 
is a Class 6 -- PomPom


Class 6 - PomPom

A small globular bloom, somewhat flat when young but fully rounded when mature. Size ranges from small button types to large disbudded blooms almost 4" in diameter.  The florets incurve or reflex in a regular manner and fully conceal the center.

Class 6

FALL 2023

Festival of Fabulous Mums November 4 & 5

People's Choice Winners of FoFM November 4&5, 2023

1st place triple bloom cultivar Bola de Oro
2ndPlaceArtisticallyTrained Plant.jpg
2nd place bonsai cultivars Joan Corbisero & Tusukomo

3rd place cultivar - Whiteout

4th place Bola de Oro


The Journal of the National Chrysanthemum Society
2023 December cover 

In the second year, a CCCS member has their Raleigh garden on the NCS official magazine cover. Carol P Dukes garden clockwise from upper left Apple Valley, Mocha, By Jove & a friendly praying mantis on a bloom


Just in case you haven't received the December issue of THE CHRYSANTHEMUM yet, I want to share Margie Case's gorgeous photo of her Raleigh garden. Congrats, Margie! 
CCCS member Margie Case decorated her backyard with more than six different classes of chrysanthemums, used a full moon as a backdrop,  made a classic photograph NCS displayed on their December magazine cover

Extraordinary Benefits of Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society Membership

  • Membership in the National Chrysanthemum Society

  • The NCS Beginners Handbook (contains complete information on growing chrysanthemums ($10 publication)

  • The Chrysanthemum, the Journal of the National Chrysanthemum Society (4 annual issues March, June, September, December)

  • Three free mum plants (available for local pickup for only $12 value)                                                                                                                        

  • Able to join the Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society group order (plant cuttings) to in December 2022                                                                                                                                                                                           (delivery in April - May 2023)

  • Discount on mum growing supplies

  • A Chrysanthemum Reference Binder contains mum growing information handouts ($10 value)

  • Invitation to join the private members-only Facebook page 

  • Monthly Zoom/In-person meetings featuring guest speakers and current relevant pearls (hints and tips)

  • monthly raffle prizes

  • Notification of the annual National Chrysanthemum Society Convention and Juried Floral Show

  •    monogram CCCS shirts (available for member purchase) 

                                             CCCS membership application  click here

CCCS Logo2019Round.jpg

                         Goals of the Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society

  • Assist the National Chrysanthemum Society to educate the public, advance gardening techniques in both public and home gardens and incorporate procedural advances for the propagation and cultivation of chrysanthemums​​

  • Help promote a greater interest in the cultivation of all thirteen classes of chrysanthemums 

  • Encourage amateur, professional and commercial growers to grow and display chrysanthemums​

Mission Statement

Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society's mission is to encourage, foster, and maintain the continued growth and appreciation of all thirteen classes of chrysanthemums. 

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