December 30 2020

 Chrys' mum thought of the week


The chrysanthemum flower is considered the official flower of Chicago, Illinois 




Photographs courtesy of Irene Murt and many of our members.

Growing and sharing these mums brings joy to growers and others. Help us reintroduce these once popular but now rare plants back into our home gardens by growing mums in your garden.


For the public's enjoyment there will  be spectacular blooms from the thirteen recognized classes of these rare exhibition mums --


View the different shapes, colors, and sizes as the best chrysanthemum growers in the United States compete for top awards and national recognition at this judged show

our Pittsburg Purple Challenge is an exciting attempt to prove what affect microclimate has on 1 class, 1 cultivar. See the CCCS results

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below is the feed,  enjoy

explore the 13 classes of Chrysanthemums


OCTOBER 8, 2015

given by Joan Matthews, president of the Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society 

member of the National Chrysanthemum Society

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Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society's mission is to encourage, foster and maintain the continued growth and appreciation of all thirteen classes of chrysanthemums 

                         Goals of the Central Carolina Chrysanthemum Society

  • Assist the National Chrysanthemum Society to educate the public, advance gardening techniques in both public and home gardens and incorporate procedural advances for the propagation and cultivation of chrysanthemums​​

  • Help promote a greater interest in the cultivation of all thirteen classes of chrysanthemums 

  • Encourage amateur, professional and commercial growers to grow and display chrysanthemums​

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